Monthly Archives: October 2011

Backing up your data

Backing-up and managing your digital assets

Whether you are a large or a small company the need for backups of your digital assets is constant. If you are an owner, it probably keeps you awake at least on some nights, and if not, it should (unless you already have a great trusted and trialed system in place).


Why is it important to backup your digital assets ? Think about all the work you do for your clients, the information that flows through the office, project management documents, and product specifications that get written and adjusted on a daily basis. Ask yourself what would happen if you walk into your office one morning finding out that some “dude” broke into your office and happened to take your file server and a few of your precious Mac Pros? The hardware is most likely insured, and can easily be replaced, but what about the hours, days or even years of work that are on those hard drives ? If you do not have proper offsite backups for your information, it could cause you to go out of business.