Monthly Archives: December 2011

3 Reasons and 3 tips for time tracking

You always hear management complain about employees not doing their timesheets on time, or not doing their timesheets at all.

Why should you do your timesheets? Why not just work without doing timesheets (it is much easier after all).

There are actually multiple reasons for you to want to do your timesheets:

  1. The business you are working for (I make an assumption here) makes money by selling your time. Your time is the most valuable asset that you provide to the company you are working for.
  2. Without being able to charge money for your time, you will not get paid, and in turn you will not be able to afford the next iPhone / Present / Car / House or even food that you want.
  3. If you do not do timesheets, there is no way for you to improve your processes and your estimate of time that a project would take. By doing timesheets, you can look for similar projects from the past and better estimate the next project.