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Unlock 1Password on Mac using TouchID without jailbreaking


The way I describe unlocking 1Password does come with pretty serious security risks. Please read the “Concerns (security related and others)” section BEFORE you decide if you want to use it. There are probably other security risks that I am not even aware of … so please take that into consideration.

With this important note out of the way … Here comes the rest of the blog.

One of the best apps I know , and one that I use on a daily basis, is 1Password.

If you do not know what 1Password is, than you really need to start by visiting their website, download their app, and set yourself up. 1Password supports all major operating systems, but this particular blog is aimed for Mac users, although I am positive that an equivalent workflow can be created for a Windows based computer – probably simpler to switch to using a Mac, which is in my opinion what you should do anyways ! šŸ˜‰


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Get things done with Omnifocus


This blog is aimed primarily atĀ people that have at least a basic understanding of the GTDĀ® methodology (Getting Things Done), and would like to know more aboutĀ how to actually implement the process in OmniFocus 1Ā orĀ OmniFocus 2. If you do not know what GTDĀ®Ā is, but find it remotely interesting, you can read some of my other blogs on the subject (starting with this one), or simply google GTD. You will find lots of information about it. The official website isĀ

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