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Good-bye Omnifocus Hello Trello

I was using Omnifocus for over 6 years, but I was always open to try other products like:

Each of the other products fell short in one way or another, so I always got back to using omnifocus. I considered Trello in the past, and immediately dismissed it for lack of recurring tasks, tasks start date and limited number of labels (tags). I recently tried Trello again, but this time I was able to overcome those limitations, and see many other benefits to using it over Omnifocus.

Omnifocus is the king of GTD. It was built from the ground up for the purpose of GTD, and it does an amazing job with it. So why change?

Good bye Omnifocus Hello Trello

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Prepare for 2016

It’s the end of 2015, which means it is a perfect time to plan for 2016.

Last year I wrote a blog on how to prepare for 2015, so instead of writing an identical blog (it is the same process every year), I updated the original one, fixed some spelling mistakes, and prepared it for this year.

Be proactive and prepare yourself for next year (click here to navigate to the 2015 blog)!

Happy new year.


Recurring Events and Deferred task for Trello

How to implement  deferred and recurring tasks for Trello

This blog provides step by step instructions to getting recurring cards and deferred cards working in Trello. I was using different technologies to create  a workflow that adds the extra functionality by adding tags to the description in Trello cards.

Technological “pieces” involved:

  • Trello API with Web Hooks
  • Amazon AWS Lambda functions with a Dynamo DB table and the AWS API gateway
  • Node.js as the language (for the AWS Lambda functions).

The blog is written for anyone interested in having the same functionality.

See the video below:

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