History (the boring stuff):

My name is Alon Sabi. I was born in Israel on a hot summer day during 1974 (Strangely enough, the Yom Kippur War ended about 9 months earlier … so you get the picture … husband goes to war … husband comes back from war… all of the testosterone is boiling etc … – lets move on).

As a kid I had a normal life (normal is a matter of definition, but trust me on that one). I got my first computer when I was 11 years old (an Apple II C), and that’s when I fell in love with programming. I went to high school , studied Chemistry as my main area of focus, and served 3 years in the army (no, I did not shoot at or killed anyone).

At the age of 26 I met the love of my life – my wife (god bless her awesome mother), and we moved to Vancouver, BC Canada, shortly after (with the rest of my family). I went to study, and not too long after (2002) I was offered a job with Function Point Productivity software – back than we were a total of 3 staff, including the boss – I have been working there since.


These days I am the VP of technology at Function Point, responsible for the development team   , DevOps and internal IT departments. We are always on the lookout for more developers. I am also a certified scrum master and a Zend certified engineer (PHP 4, PHP 5.3 and Zend Framework).

A link to my linkedin account –

My passion in life include the following :

  1. First and foremost my immediate family. My wife Yvette Sabi, and my two daughters Danielle and Amber who were born in Vancouver, Canada.2014-04-05 15.25.35
  2. My extended family – parents, brother and sisters, and beyond … 🙂
  3. Anything productivity – I follow getting things done (more about this in my blogs)
  4. Anything technology – System administration, Hardware, different OS – Linux, Mac OSX, Windows (more about this in my blogs)
  5. Anything PHP, MySQL, Html, CSS, Jscript.

My Principles in life are as follows:

  1. To love and support my family in every possible manner
  2. To be happy at home and at work
  3. To be the best that I can be professionally and personally
  4. To help others to be the best that they can and want to be
  5. To treat others the way THEY want to be treated

Closing words of wisdom:

“Exercise is wonderful, I could sit and watch it all day.”

The Ringworld Larry Niven page 15